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Hi.  I am John, and i am currently going to a School Of  Cad.  I have made this page because i have created graphing calculator programs that will help even the engineers in work.  But i can't get to all of the people who might want these prgrams, so that is why i have created this site.  To get it out to anyone who wants these programs.  I only have a few, but i have made their instructions easy to understand.  They are on the next page.  But if  if u want a program that i haven't made yet,j ust give me the info, and i will write it and post it here, as soon as possible.  Thats. it, if u have any questions, my email address is mentioned below.  Have fun, and spread the word.

Site Updates


      SITE CREATED!!!!!!!!!  

      "And so they rejoiced......... 'yeah.'"  monty python and the holy grail.


       Thread Engagement program up dated, it now tells you what the problem is.


        After many emails from people... i have fixed the thread engagement program so v.3 of the progrm should work.



This is my email address! ! ! !

If u like what u see, or u want me to make a change that is reasonable, either way, email me. tell me what you think.




came witht the site..... think i will keep it.