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The Programs

These are the progrms you've been looking for.  There are 6 in total.

also, if i have a pair of symbols like this: <=

        It means less than or equal to

if this: >=

        greater than or equal to

and this: ->

        is the store botton


:disp "enter mmc of shaft"

:input A

:disp "enter max interference"

:input B

:disp "enter lmc of shaft"

:input C

:disp "enter min interference"

:input D

:A-(B*.0010)-> E


:disp E

:disp F


:disp "input MMC"

:input A

:disp "inpute min clear"

:input B

:disp "inpute LMC"

:Input C

:disp "input max clear"

:input D



:disp F

:disp E

Thread Engagement

:lbl AA

:disp "input TPI"

:input A

:disp "head thickness"

:input B

:disp "bolt leangth"

:input D

:disp "top plate thickness"

:inpute E

:disp "bottom plate thickness"

:input F







:if L<= 0

:goto BB

:if (B*1.5)>I

:goto CC

:if L>F

:goto DD

:disp "C-Bore depth"

:disp G

:disp "Tap depth"

:disp K

:disp "drill depth"

:disp L


:lbl BB

:Disp "No thread engagement."

:Goto AA

:lbl CC

:disp "not enough TE."

:disp "try:"


:Disp Z

:goto AA

:lbl DD

:disp "too long of bolt."

:goto AA

To Inches

:disp "input unit in mm."

:input A


:disp B


:lbl AA

:disp "Enter Diameter"

:input A

:if A<= 0

:goto AA

:disp "enter upper value"

:disp "as stated in book"

:inpute B

:disp "enter in lower value"

:input C



:disp D

:disp E

To Millimeters

:disp "input unit in"

:disp "inches."

:input A


:disp B